Designed and developed in Italy by the most advanced digital tools, KX-1 RACE GP has undergone rigorous testing by KYT riders to ensure its top-of-the-line performance.

3 Shells

3 Shells: from XS to XXL

Racing approved

Developed and optimized on the track with the contribution of the most talented riders involved in the most important Road Racing Championships.


The outer shell is made of Tri-Fiber composite, a mix of kevlar, carbon and fiber glass, to ensure a better impact resistance and lighter weight.


KX-1 RACE GP meets FIM Standard, which is the top of the motorcycle helmet standards necessary for racing competitions.

Helm KX 1 RACE GP (3/4 left view)
Helm KX 1 RACE GP (face left)


KX-1 RACE GP boasts improved aerodynamics for a smoother ride and professional racing performance, thanks to over three years of wind tunnel and track tests to optimize aerodynamics in various riding positions (straight, cornering and braking position).

Wind Tunnel Tested

The aerodynamic performance is optimized to allow the best comfort at all speeds.

Aerodynamic spoiler

To ensure exceptional aerodynamic penetration and extraordinary stability at various speeds.


KX-1 RACE GPspots seven air intake ducts which work in conjunction with a neatly integrated channel system, guaranteeing excellent airflow inside the helmet.

Chin Curtain

To ensure better air and noise insulation at the bottom of the helmet.

Helm KX 1 RACE GP (3/4 rear face right view)
Helm KX 1 RACE GP (3/4 left view)

Comfort Liners

The KYT R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance comfort, versatility with breathable technical fabric and a balanced fitting suitable for any type of riding.

Breathable textile

Inners are made of fine and soft fabrics in fiber that, together with particular sponges, ease the air flow, maintaining dry and fresh the part in contact with the face.

Washable comfort liner

Cheek pads and internal shell are washable.

Removable Inners

Cheek pads and internal shell are completely removable.


Inners are made of fine Hydrocool fabric, that allows rapid heat dissipation and maintains a pleasant feeling of cool and dry.

Visor Features

The visor is in optical class 1 and guarantees a wide peripheral and vertical field of vision, 210° and 90° respectively. The visor is easily removable, thanks to a practical mechanism that doesn’t require any tool.


The release lever is made of a particular light metal alloy that gives greater solidity to the assembly.

Full vision

Polycarbonate, scratch-resistant visor with UV380 ray filters.

Anti Fog System

The internal Max Vision lens provides an effective anti-fog protection and a wide vision field in the most critical conditions.

Helm KX 1 RACE GP (face left)
Helm KX 1 RACE GP (3/4 rear face right view)


The KYT R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance active and passive safety.

Double D-Ring

The system ensures stability, safety and strength. The strap features Double D-Ring in light alloy.


The visor is equipped with a locking mechanism “Racing Lock System” in light metal alloy, which reduces the possibility of detachment in case of crash and makes the system more intuitive.

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