2 Shells

Helmet Size Available: from XS to XXL.

Advanced Thermoplastic

ADT-advance thermoplastic shell made of an injection moulded, thermoplastic resin mix with high impact resistance.

Sun protector

Internal sun visor easy to operate.

Wearable glasses

Ready for glasses.


The internal protective polystyrene has been designed to work in symbiosis with the air intakes of the shell. Particular grooves obtained on the polystyrene allow a continuous flow of air ensuring excellent ventilation inside the helmet and a rapid discharge of hot air.

Comfort liners

The KYT R&D department has created a package of solutions that improve comfort, versatility, thanks to a breathable technical fabric, and the fit, balanced and suitable for any type of riding.

Breathable Textile

Inners are made of fine and soft fabrics in fiber that ease the air flow, maintaining dry and fresh the part in contact with the face.

Washable Comfort Liner

Cheek pads and internal shell are washable.

Removable Inners

Cheek pads and internal shell are completely removable.

Earpad speaker house

Headphones cheekpad ready.

Visor Features

The visor is made of polycarbonate with an anti-scratch treatment. The visor is easily removable, thanks to a practical mechanism that doesn’t require any tool.

Anti fog system

TTR-JET is ready for Antifog PINLOCK Regular Vision (not included).

Full vision

Polycarbonate, scratch-resistant visor with UV380 ray filters.


The KYT R&D department created a package of solutions that enhance active and passive safety.


The retention system has a micrometric buckle made of metal and acetal resin.